• Leverage your Mobility Data

    Leverage your Mobility Data

    Accurate and in real-time, using triggers, algorithms and storage
  • Digitize your Customers’ experience

    Digitize your Customers’ experience

    Personalized, contextual engagement
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Leverage Location and Transactional data 

location data Our software empowers you to leverage your technical and business data to get actionable insights. With it, you can:

  • Produce real‐time analyses of massive amounts of data,
  • Understand the experience of your customers,
  • Follow and model population flows,
  • Correlate demographics and transactions,
  • Uncover abnormal behaviors,

And instantly initiate business processes or customer engagement in response!

Benefits you'll gain

benefits using Intersec

  •  4% increase in core business revenues by revamping subscribers' daily experience
  • Over 40% Monthly IoT/M2M increase in subscription revenues with new VAS for the logistics and transportation industries
  • Massively reduce fraud thanks to the detection of theft or abnormal IoT movements
  • Significant additional revenue by engaging in data monetization strategies


Discover our Software Suite

With no software on the market capable of processing on-the-fly location and transactional data, we decided to invest in our own research and development to create a unique platform and turn some of our most profitable use cases into a set of applications. A 300-man-years investment in R&D to build a unique platform.

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