• Leverage your Mobility Data

    Leverage your Mobility Data

    Accurate and in real-time, using triggers, algorithms and storage
  • Digitize your Customers’ experience

    Digitize your Customers’ experience

    Personalized, contextual engagement
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Leverage Location and Transactional data 

location data Our software empowers you to leverage your technical and business data to get actionable insights. With it, you can:

  • Produce real‐time analyses of massive amounts of data,
  • Understand the experience of your customers,
  • Follow and model population flows,
  • Correlate demographics and transactions,
  • Uncover abnormal behaviors,

And instantly initiate business processes or customer engagement in response!

Benefits you'll gain

benefits using Intersec

  •  4% increase in core business revenues by revamping subscribers' daily experience
  • Over 40% Monthly IoT/M2M increase in subscription revenues with new VAS for the logistics and transportation industries
  • Massively reduce fraud thanks to the detection of theft or abnormal IoT movements
  • Significant additional revenue by engaging in data monetization strategies


Agora: real-time distributed framework


Our GeoSuite solutions are based on Agora, a real-time distributed framework computing raw technical data derived from operators’ networks and transforming them to insights.
Agora is the common plinth to all our solutions: the Intersec software Big Data platform which computes customer insights and detects individual engagement opportunities in real-time to trigger actions and communications. A rich segmentation based on movement patterns, marketing criteria, etc. allows immediate data enrichment by cross-referencing with additional correlated data sets. These data can be easily computed on the fly to enrich analysis and targeting.

Located on-premises for data security purposes, Agora collects, stores and processes live and historical mobility and activity data collected at mass-scale. It provides mutualized big data processing resources to be consumed by Intersec solutions or by 3rd party apps.
Agora has location data in its core DNA. With Active and Passive location orchestration natively implemented, Agora brings location data optimized for massive and real-time use cases. Scalable, Agora easily supports increased rates of event/second brought by 4G and 5G networks up to 1 Million event/second.
Location-fueled, distributed computation stack and cutting-edge algorithms are what makes Agora a powerful ally to boost operational efficiency and data monetization.
Over the years, we have deployed our software in very different environments, leading to a huge array of connectors. Leverage our prebuilt connectors to rapidly ingest, filter, process, transform, analyze or map a large set of data coming from heterogenous sources to feed our GeoSuite or your own APIs.

Discover our Software Suite

With no software on the market capable of processing on-the-fly location and transactional data, we decided to invest in our own research and development to create a unique platform and turn some of our most profitable use cases into a set of applications. A 300-man-years investment in R&D to build a unique platform.

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