• Leverage your Mobility Data

    Leverage your Mobility Data

    Accuracy, triggers, algorithms, real-time, storage
  • Digitize your Customers’ experience

    Digitize your Customers’ experience

    Contextual & personalised engagement
  • Roll out location use cases in a trice

    Roll out location use cases in a trice

    End-to End Location-Based Services : Geo-messaging, Geo-analytics, Geo-processes Learn More
  • Steer your connected things

    Steer your connected things

    Don’t just display location, act upon it!
  • Datamine smart cities

    Datamine smart cities

    Real-time insights for municipality services
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Location and Transactional data at the heart of our platform

Our software empowers you to leverage the technical and business data you produce to get actionable insights. With it, you can:

  • Produce real‐time analyses of massive amounts of data,rsz review location
  • Understand the experience of your customers,
  • Follow and model population flows,
  • Correlate demographics and transactions,
  • Uncover abnormal behaviors,

... and instantly initiate business processes or customer engagement in response

Benefits you'll gain

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  • Core business revenues + 4% revamping subscribers' daily experience
  • Over 40% Monthly IoT/M2M increase in subscription revenues with new VAS for logistics and transportation industries
  • Massively reduce fraud by detecting theft or abnormal IoT movements
  • Some customers have seen revenue increases greater than $10M US in as little as 24 months, by engaging in data monetization strategies


Discover our Contextual Engagement Suite

No software on the market was capable of processing on-the-fly location and transactional data. So we invested 300 man-years in R&D to build a unique platform and have productized the most profitable use cases into a set of applications.

What's in it for your industry

By combining our technology with mobility data,we help serve a variety of industries:

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