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    From LBA to Audience measurement
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Many ways for Advertizing to benefit from Big Data 

Audience Measurement

The proliferation of connected screens (TV, tablets, smartphones) has created an unprecedented competitive environment for Out-of-Home advertisers.

It's time to fight back!

Apply for new urban markets with a competitive edge in bid response:

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               Out-of-Home to fight back from competition of connected screens 


  • Stop guessing audience numbers and start predicting hit rates based on facts
  • Stop imagining where the best advertising spots should be: optimize their location & compute future revenues
  • Stop saying anonymous means unqualified: Thanks to real-time statistics, advertisers and brands can now monitor how many consumers see a billboard at any given time, how many of them are recurring visitors, what their (statistical) profile is...

                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Click to see which solution enables this use case. 

Understand who your IPTV Audience is:

  • Number of people in front of a specific TV program
  • Behavioral study of your audience for example for TV A/B Testing to determine final packshot or during ads.
  • TV tracking

Fine-grain analysis of the impact of each ad. is of great value to the brands as it will help them fine-tune their messages and media plan accordingly.

                                                                                                                                                                            Click to see which solution enables this use case.

Location-Based Advertizing

Who said Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO) drive-to-store was only devoted to on-line ads?

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Location-based advertizing 

LBA allows personalized and contextualized messages, just like DCO!

Use geolocation data to better tailor your offers to each individual customer, while "just-in-time" geolocation through open APIs allows you to communicate with customers the instant they enter a strategic area.

  • Geofence triggered actions to target the subscriber at the right time and place
  • Multiple data source ingestion to ensure the correct target audience segmentation

More often than not, marketing professionals have to choose between personalization and real-time. What about you?

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