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Aline F.

Continuous Integrator

How long have you been in the company, what is your role?
I am Continuous Integrator at Intersec since November, 2014.

What does it consist in?
I am in charge of the software Quality all along the development process. I validate the products performances and compliance to the specifications. I am also in charge of the tests environment, and of the implementation of the automated tests. I interact daily with the developers, product leaders and others integrators to enhance continuously the Quality Process.

What do you like best about your job?
My opinion counts, and I can always submit my ideas to improve the product. Plus, the atmosphere is very good and motivating, and I have the chance to learn new things every day, in a lot of technical areas. My co-workers are very inspiring.

My greatest challenge so far was to survive the Nerf battles in the open space!

More seriously, taking part to the last internal “hackathon” was a great challenge: in just 2 days, my team and I managed to implement a documentation server, to automatically generate and share the documentation for all products developed by Intersec.

5 words to describe your experience at Intersec:
Linux. Geeks. Versatility. Conviviality. Challenging.