Anne Laurence Zanclan

Anne-Laurence Z.

Talent Acquisition Manager

What does it consist in?
Based in Paris HQ, I'm in charge of hiring our next colleagues . I hire for all positions wether in France or international . My main tasks will consist in having deep discussions with Managers to understand the profile, post job ads, source profiles, manage the relationship and hiring process with candidates, perform soft-skill based interviews, and the best part : propose a job to someone to join Intersec.
I'm also involved in other subjects such as onboarding and career development .

What I like best about my job?
Talent Acquisition on IT jobs is such a challenging topic, what I like the most : is being able to learn, test and try new methods on a regular basis . It's not only about posting a job and waiting . You get to think about it like a hole project, where candidate experience, company value proposition, employer branding matters as much as assessing behaviours, technical skills and career trajectory .
Intersec is also a very laid back environment, with a strong geek culture, such interresting multicultural environment, and...obviously the HR team is just the best :) It's an every-day-pleasure to be part of a team, with a strong care for people, professionalism, willingness to help and try !

What is your greatest challenge so far?
It has been to juggle with more than 10 positions open at the same time, in different countries .

5 words to describe your experience at Intersec:
Innovation, Multicultural, Surprising, Fun, Demanding