Case Study: Orange Group


logo orangeOrange is an international leader with 263M subscribers and a footprint over more than 30 countries. Having built its presence over time, Orange faces a variety of environments across markets. Incumbent or challenger in either emerging and matured countries.


In this context, Orange was looking for a practical solution able to cope with the inherent complexity of multi-markets presence in order to counter churn, boost ARPU and gain market share. All of this while keeping investment under control and lowering Opex. That means selecting a solution that provides flexibility to design adequate marketing programs - campaigns or customer journey - for prepaid, postpaid or even convergent markets.

Intersec solution

Orange choose Intersec customer base solution to equip 21 of its affiliates in order to provide segmentation and targeting tools, offer management workflow with multichannel capabilities and real time KPI and ROI analysis. When required, Intersec provided additional modules on various aspects such as loyalty management or convergence.
Overall, Intersec solution helps achieve up to 30% churn decrease and up to 8% ARPU uplift.

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