Transportation hubs lack efficient ways to measure current affluence within their premises and tools to react accordingly. As customer experience and security are among their main stakes, enhancing operational efficiency and quality of service is key.

Intersec solution

 Intersec's solution offers an efficient way to easily track the activities within the premises via any type of network (Wi-fi, LoRa, Sigfox, GSM, bluetooth...)

  • Collect and analyze data from the smart objects of the terminal and trigger the relevant actions (alerts on lavatories cleanliness, notification wast containers are full, leak detection…)
  • Analyze historical affluence. Understand the customer journey and the possible improvements inside & outside the terminal (Check in, Security check posts, taxiways…)
  • Monitor peaks of traffic in real-time to allocate the optimal resources in the required zones
  • Offer tailored promotions on the nearby shops for passengers of a delayed journey.