Case Study: O2 Uk/WEVE


O2 Logo 2         logo weve A unique initiative to create a joint-venture between the media agencies of three leading mobile operators in the UK. The objective is to consolidate the subscriber base of the three operators to provide a unique reach to brands willing to leverage the mobile channel. To support this ambitious project, Weve differentiates itself by enriching segmentation with location data so brands can reach the right person and the right place and time.


Provide location-based advertising to a consolidated subscriber base of 22+ million subscribers. Vendors had to deal with the technical complexity related to the implementation and operation of respective geolocation solutions in 4 distinct environments, one solution per mobile network.

Intersec solution

Weve chose Intersec GeoInsights solution due to its mass-scale capabilities to provide location data related to events from the entire subscriber base. Due to its geofencing capabilities, the solution is able to automatically trigger in real-time an action to any opt-in subscriber entering a pre-defined area.
The solutions were deployed in record time: less than 12 weeks.

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