1001 reasons to join us at Intersec

Why Intersec

There’s something special about Intersec. Call it a sense of pride that comes from building solutions that make a difference for our customers.

We are relentlessly focused on delivering technological solutions that allow our customers to improve their business. We reinvent the codes: Codes for software as well as codes for business.

We perform with purpose and for that we need talents. You are passionate about your work, you show business acumen with a geek flavor, place quality above all?

Delivering world-class services requires world-class people… Let’s meet!

Oyo N’Doro - Human Resources Director

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Working With Purpose

What we love at Intersec

  • Manage tremendous amount of data in real-time
  • Create state-of-the-art solutions that are used worldwide and have a real impact on telecommunications, public safety or city services
  • Provide an excellent customer experience, with agile professional services and customer-centric solutions
  • Nurture our international culture: 97% international clients, 25+ nationalities, 5,000+ travels
  • Raise the voice of women in the tech industry
  • Improve professional and salary equality between women and men, with an index of 81/100 which makes us proud and encourages us to pursue our commitments for even more parity
  • Accomplish new challenges, remain a playful team and share great moments of conviviality together!

Think our culture and opportunities matches with your professional goals?

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Hear it from us

Intersec brand values

Souad Touil - Project Manager

"Our working process not only includes sharing but reviewing each others work to always go further."

Intersec brand values

Kamal Fadlaoui - R&D VP

"We encourage people to make a true and measurable impact in the company."