• Contextual Marketing

    Contextual Marketing

    Making each customer feel like a VIP
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Each of your customers is special

Don’t just send messages to your customers, engage with them like you would in a normal conversation! Our Contextual Marketing solution will help you automate your BTL marketing to engage in a continuous conversation with your customers.

By leveraging analytics, location and algorithms, communications can be personalized according to customers’ context, preferences, and past behavior.

Try our complex event processing and self-explanatory scenario editor for your outbound marketing actions.

Contextual Marketing and LBA by Intersec

Contextual marketing & LBA by Intersec 

Engage when it matters

Be there when your customer needs you: contextual triggers enable you to interact with each customer with perfect timing. Just like you would in a conversation.

increased profit with Contextual Marketing

8%Average incremental revenue increase seen by our customers


5 minutes. The time it takes to set up and launch your marketing action.

Do it yourself

Manage your customer base with full autonomy: design your targets, set interaction rules and analyze your campaigns and your customer base. You won’t need to pay external consultants or IT service firms to help.

Get ready for convergence

Be customer-centric. By taking into account not only your customer’s profile and services, but also his recent touchpoints, technical issues and level of satisfaction, you’ll be sure to provide a personalized experience for everyone.

A single interface for data mining, campaign management and reporting

A single interface for data mining, campaign management and reporting.

1-1 interaction

1:1 interactionsPredefined rules continuously adapt the experience provided to each customer.

Always relevant

When running hundreds of simultaneous campaigns on millions of customers, manually enforcing your contact policy can be a nightmare. Delegate this tedious task to our rule engine and self-learning algorithms to increase both your customers’ satisfaction and your sales volumes.


Discover our white paper: Contextual Marketing: for a sustainable differentiation in telecoms.  spices1

The advent of native digital players is changing the rules of business. Starting from a blank page, these companies have redefined and integrated the customer journey into their business model. A new standard for customer experience has now been created as the customer’s expectations evolved, forever.   Read the white paper.

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