ecole en construction phase1THE WAGA PROJECT:

Winner of the 2015 challenge, the Waga project, a generous and useful project, consists in building a school in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso and furnishing a classroom.

The story behind this project: One of Intersec’s staff member’s grand parents bought a field in Ouagadougou. Their dream was to build a school on this land. Their grandson decided to take up the challenge for people from his country to have the same chances he had.

Why we voted for them: This project gives access to education, planting seeds to build the grown-ups of tomorrow; people with the ability to study and benefit their country. As Intersec makes a significant part of its business in Africa, we believed it was just the right thing to do as to give back a little. And, as a company, education is what we believe in to help people grow.

The results so far:

  • they raised 21000€ and 3 classrooms are now up and ready to receive the pupils this school year in october
  • the team went on-site and brought clothes and school materials
  • school books were sent in trunks
  • the team organized a crowdfunding concert to raise more money

 depart aeroport avec les livres

Their next challenge: building a bridge for kids to be able to reach the school as the access to is on a flood-risk area.

To know more about this great project: