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Immerse yourself in five days of sessions and specialty programs on topics such as Cloud, Collaboration, Mobility, Network Infrastructure, Security, and SDN. Come learn how Cisco helps companies accelerate the impact of their innovations via direct access to customers, partners, business leaders, and Cisco IT. They invest in the best teams and technologies that improve how we work, live, play, and learn. 

As one of them, Intersec will be exhibiting booth #1721 - i14.



The volume of data being created has grown exponentially in the past decade new technologies have emerged and been embraced by organizations in all industry sectors for a number of use cases. The amount of data being generated in the telecoms sector is colossal and there is a clear opportunity for communications service providers (CSPs) to analyze this data themselves and also, subject to legal and regulatory conductions, to sell it to other organizations.

Telecoms operators are embracing Big Data Analytics with enthusiasm, but while many report that Analytics is fully operational and already contributing benefit to their organizations, others are still at the exploratory stage of addressing its potential. The key challenges operators face are a lack of BDA skills, organizational issues and siloed data.

To read our use cases, click here.

Key findings on the Telecom & Networking Communication Today's website.



In insight-driven organizations (IDO), Data analysis is not restricted to specific parts of the business, it has become their operating principle. Their strategy, people, processes, and data—in addition to technology— are meant to deliver insights whenever engaging with a customer, everywhere in the organization.
Some leaders are beginning to talk about “analytics transformation” or “industrialized analytics.” Notching small analytics victories in targeted parts of the business may not be enough for much longer. For leaders with their eyes on the prize, it’s all about connecting analytics capabilities across the enterprise.

To see all we can do for your organization to become insight-driven, follow the link.

To get the full insight by Deloitte, follow the link.


Proud to announce they said Yes!

Intersec signed a contract with a Tier 1 operator in North America to develop Location-Based Services for its B2B and B2C customers.

After a Proof of Concept, the operator decided to choose Intersec's Location Data Monetization solution.


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