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TCS & Intersec partner to develop further precise Location-Based Services (LBS).
To view the whole inforgraphic, click here.

Partenariat TCS & Intersec autour des services de géolocalisation, toute l'infographie ici.


According to Market Research firm transparency market research, in the coming few years, the US global mobile advertising market will observe advertisers focusing more on performance. They will increase their spending as their ROI gets clearer along with more valuable and quantifiable results. The preference of location-based advertising is growing and will continue to assert its importance in the future. Location-based technology allows advertisers to deploy hyper-targeting, which enhances the effectiveness of mobile advertisements.


In a crowded marketplace, today’s communication service providers must make use of the data available to them as quickly as possible. Global Telecoms Insight talks to Yann Chevalier, CEO of Intersec, about leveraging the right data to improve internal performance and provide revenue-making, subscriber-centric services.


Considered as one of the top 10 Fraud type in the Telecommunications industry, Bypass fraud represents several millions in revenue shortfall, even for small operators, in both emerging and developed markets. A never-ending cat and mouse game has been going on for years between fraudsters and operators. To beat bypass fraud the operator has no other choice than to block fraud early enough to make the fraudsters’ actions non profitable.

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