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At Intersec, we are always looking for exceptional coding talent, and we know these talent are difficult to spot. That’s why we have decided to sponsor Codingame’s new contest “Code Vs. Zombies”.


Visit Intersec team in Cape Town next week. Book a meeting with us!

Intersec Invitation AfricaCom 2015

orange intersec

Huge thanks to Orange France, our 1st customer!
9 years ago, they trusted us and our technology and deployed an Intersec solution that is still running today!

During these 9 years, we’ve been working hard to develop our products and serve our customers with passion. We think we’ve done pretty well as we’ve earned a 0% churn rate over these 9 years.
We are very grateful to Orange France for getting us started and keeping their confidence in us.


Referenced as a top 5 Fraud type by the Communications Fraud Control Association, Bypass Fraud represents nearly a B6$ yearly loss for telco operators. Having said so, getting the operational view is key to understand the operators’ vision. Intersec has performed bypass Fraud audits across various operators from different sizes and regions and the outcomes are the followings:

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