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The advent of IoT in telecom companies will display its potential to enhance business procedures and generate more revenue. Research suggests that IoT can generate $1.8 trillion in revenue for mobile network operators. To benefit from these emerging revenue opportunities, telecom companies must develop innovative methods and applications to monetize IoT solutions.

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smart cities


Technology can play an important and often decisive role in tackling urban problems. But the smart city of the future is more likely to be defined by quieter upgrades to existing infrastructure and new partnerships that better represent residents, than flashy new developments that resemble visions from science fiction.

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Many thanks to our amazing HR team for the ice-cream distribution on this scorching day (42°C - 107°F!). #luckyones #loveicecreams

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Despite their recent surge in popularity, smart cities are not a new idea. In fact, their origins can be traced back a hundred years to the work of early 20th century urban planner Le Corbusier, who understood the home as a "machine for living in."Today, advances in technologies ranging from sensors to big data to broadband to artificial intelligence are making smart cities a reality.
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