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    Epidemic control
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virus protection

Responsive and targeted Control over epidemics

From outbreak to normalization, thanks to mobile network geolocation and messaging.

Fighting at every stage of epidemics

Our GeoHealth Solution enables authorities to spot risk cases, or to warn all people who are in, or about to enter, a defined area. Use our solution to make quick decisions based on hard facts.

Manage communication during...
... and after the epidemics dissemination

Geohealth process

1. Preparedness

Dimension critical resources and define response scenarios: crowd

- Build statistical insights based on movement patterns and life habits

- Educate population regularly (test alerts), inform inbound roamers  

  • 2. Outbreak containment

    Warn population repeatedly, on large segments. Characterize outbreaks: texting 1490691 640

- Outbreak investigations: lookup for patients zero and contagion paths

- National/regional notices, traveler alerts (abroad, welcome back)…

- Update insights at the onset of crisis to adapt response action 

3. Epidemic stemming

Targeted alerts and personalized instructions: instructions

- Fine-tune instructions according to people effective locations and habits

- Extra opt-in criteria (home/work/relative addresses, disabilities, …)

- Monitor borders and clusters, notify abnormal situations or journeys, …

4. Normalization acceleration

Controlled communication to facilitate the return to normal: analysis

- Differentiated and progressive releases of quarantines and lockdowns

- Confirm with analytics, build lesson learnt, improve future readiness


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