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    LBS middleware featuring amazing geofencing capabilities
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Value your location data

It’s time to do something with your data. Whether you wish to monetize insights externally, launch innovative location-based services or simply comply with public requirements, our solution makes it simple.

Mass-scale monitoring

Scale is no longer a problem: our solution enables you to monitor, in real-time, the location of millions of devices. Multiple data sources will ensure better accuracy at minimal cost.


250,000 events collected per second on a single entry-level server.

Benef 2

1 second The time it takes to automatically respond to a location event.

Real-time geofencing

Want to be more contextual? Engage immediately with a customer entering a predefined area. Our real-time geofencing capabilities allow you to easily create multiple innovative services. A large set of APIs make interacting with third-party applications easy.

Analytics, past and present

Capitalize on historical and real time data to uncover exclusive insights. You can either use algorithms to data mine or freely explore your data with just a few clicks. And if you’d rather use your favorite visualization tool, there’s a good chance we’re compatible with it too.


1+ million events per second. Instant analytics to ensure you get your results immediately.