During the last decade, the increase of tourism in the airport’s region and the rise of new conveyance means to the airport led local authorities to reassess infrastructure investments. In 2014, a consortium led by public authorities launched a project to build a railway express line from downtown to airport.


Prior to redesigning new means of public transportation, a thorough knowledge of the traffic, frequency and behavior of visitors is essential. Traditional on-site surveys and counting were not possible given the volume of passengers, multiple accesses/routes, observation period of the year...

Intersec solution

A wireless and converged Tier One operator won the project to provide these statistics. From mobile network data, Intersec’s GeoInsights solution uses artificial intelligence to run complex analytical algorithms, to extract segmentation and mobility insights for geolocation reports. Over 4 months, the MNO and Intersec analyzed more than B1 network events daily in total compliance with privacy regulations. Results highlighted the diversity of origins and destinations of visitors, the transportation means taken and distinguished travelers from employees, residents and more. Such insights allowed the identification of optimal locations for arrival and departure, along with the service’s time schedule and tariffs.