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    The right message at the right time and place!
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GeoReach: Location-Based Advertizing Campaign management


6 steps for a successful campaign in just 5 minutes:


Engage at the right moment

A proximity-based marketing service at for your industry

locationsGet all location events from millions of subscribers



info about customerMatch real-time location with customer knowledge & appetence



 peopleExclude non-targetted audience



Fruitful results

Improve ad services from a 4% to 35% conversion rate by adding location!

Always relevant

When running hundreds of simultaneous campaigns on millions of customers, manually enforcing your contact policy can be a nightmare. Delegate this tedious task to our rule engine and self-learning algorithms to increase both your customers’ satisfaction and your sales volumes.

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WP LBA small Discover our white paper: Intersec Location-based mobile Marketing.
Social media natively use location, without any restriction. Yet not all people are connected to social media whereas the omnipresence of mobile phones (71% penetration rate in 2018 according to GSMA) allows marketers across the spectrum to use SMS as their #1 communication media to reach their audiences or as a complement to another media (email, app…). Discover all the tactics to get full potential of LB SMS…  Learn More



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