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    The right message at the right time and place!
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GeoReach: Location-Based Advertizing Campaign management


6 steps for a successful campaign in just 5 minutes:


Engage at the right moment

A proximity-based marketing service at for your industry

locationsGet all location events from millions of subscribers



info about customerMatch real-time location with customer knowledge & appetence



 peopleExclude non-targetted audience



Fruitful results

Improve ad services from a 4% to 35% conversion rate by adding location!

Always relevant

When running hundreds of simultaneous campaigns on millions of customers, manually enforcing your contact policy can be a nightmare. Delegate this tedious task to our rule engine and self-learning algorithms to increase both your customers’ satisfaction and your sales volumes.

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WP LBA small Discover our white paper: Intersec Location-based mobile Marketing.
The UK mobile market, which boasts one of the highest mobile penetration rates in the world, has been recently the industry’s innovation lab to test new mobile services. A leading Tier-1 in the UK planned to provide an industrial-scale proximity-based marketing…  Learn More



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