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    Dealing with safety, infrastructure planning or touristic experience
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Public Safety

We provide you with a tool to manage population movements, assist public services and minimize damages when natural or man-made disasters occurs.

Leverage location intelligence for public alerting:


Real-time intelligence for public safety 


Providing real-time intelligence based on telecom data to local authorities – the solution allows emergency services to:

  • monitor population flows, setuping a geofence,
  • analyze the presence of individuals in hazardous areas,
  • communicate relevant instructions instantly to all mobile-equipped citizens in case an extraordinary event occurs.
  • adapt resources according to situation thanks to continuous real-time data aggregation

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Geolocate emergency calls:

  • over VoLTE
  • or over VoWi-Fi

We provide solutions to locate emergency calls on the lastest technologies.

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Infrastructure planning

Dimensionning existing infrastructures, planning new ones or better serve tourists and visitors are some of the topics governmental authorities have to deal with.

Building new infrastructures

Before buiding a new highway or drawing a new train line, authorities are keen on understanding

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build new infrastructures based on data 

  • What at the main paths followed
  • Where people come from
  • What means of transportations they use
  • If they use several
  • Where would be the best place to settle a station
  • etc.

We now have the means to base highly costly decisions on facts. Interested?

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Dimensioning touristic accommodations

It is of great value for a city or a region to be able to understand the touristic attraction of a region to better dimension public infrastructures, local transports or car parks and housing capacity.

touristic venue

Touristic accomodations that fit frequentation 

  • How many people visit the area in peak / off peak periods
  • What are their points of interest
  • Where do they come from
  • How do they move in the area (local transports, cars, bikes...)
  • When is the best moment to start road works
  • etc.

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