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Public Safety

Intersec has developed a specialized software suite for crisis management and public alert requirements.
PWS solution: A ready-to-use proven suite

  • Optimized reach & delivery timeline
  • Reaction to real-time feedback
  • Fined-tune communication
  • Managed authorization levels
    • Allow population Geolocation and augment geofence hit rate ratio with Passive/Active orchestration
    • Efficient, fast and massive alert dissemination, using location-targeted A2P SMS and CB messages
    • Use SubCell for better precision

News Release: Intersec Selected by the French Minister of the Interior to Provide Population-Alerting Platform

We provide you with a tool to manage population movements, assist public services and minimize damages when natural or man-made disasters occurs.

Leverage location intelligence for public alerting:


Real-time intelligence for public safety 


Providing real-time intelligence based on telecom data to local authorities – the solution allows emergency services to:

  • monitor population flows, setuping a geofence,
  • analyze the presence of individuals in hazardous areas,
  • communicate relevant instructions instantly to all mobile-equipped citizens in case an extraordinary event occurs.
  • adapt resources according to situation thanks to continuous real-time data aggregation

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Geolocate emergency calls:

    • over GSM
    • over Wi-Fi
    • over VoLTE

We supply solutions to locate emergency calls over the latests technologies.

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Infrastructure planning

We may help governments in properly dimensioning existing infrastructures, planning new ones or better serving tourists and visitors.

Build new infrastructures

Before building a new highway or designing a new train line, local autorities need to understand:

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Build new infrastructures based on real data 

      • Which are the main paths taken
      • Where people come from
      • Which transportation means they use
      • If they use several transportation means
      • Where would the best place to settle a station be
      • etc.

We now have the means to take very expensive decisions based on facts! Want to konw more?

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Dimension touristic venues

It is more than useful for a city or a region to understand the touristic appeal of a place to better dimension public infrastructures, local transportations, parking lots or logging capacities.

touristic venue

Touristic loging adapted to number of visitors

      • How many people visit the region during pic/off pic periods?
      • What are their points of interests?
      • Where do they come from?
      • How do they travel within the area (local transportations, cars, bikes ...)?
      • When is the best moment to start road works?
      • etc.

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