Mobile and WI-FI operators

Get the most from your mobility data with our Marketing Hub for CSPs

Customer engagement

Today, it’s all about keeping up with the experience offered by Over-The-Top players like Netflix and Amazon. Consumers expect their services to understand them, relying on historical transactional data to identify behavioural patterns and create a delightful customer experience.

  • 4% increase in revenues as a result of context-based outbound marketing
  • 25-30% roaming revenue increase as the result of simplified ergonomics
  • Significantly increased NPS as the journey of your subscribers become as easy as on Netflix
As your partner, we can help you implement the strategies that have already worked with so many of our customers!

Paula Tompkins ChannelNet CEO

It is critical that companies focus on sending personal communications throughout the lifecycle of the customer. In today’s competitive environment, it is not enough to rely on service or repairs to hold on to customers.

Operational efficiency

Find the perfect mix of customer quality and costs control.

  • Benefit from pre-built reports that display insights from up-to-the-minute data in just seconds
  • Or create personalized reports without the need for any IT intervention or technical commands
  • Assign the exact amount of necessary bandwidth to customers based on their usage

New revenue streams

Think of all the data you’re sitting on. Have you ever thought about monetizing it but are worried about putting your customers’ privacy at risk? Consider anonymized data aggregates that help the community. It’s win-win.
Your data can help:

  • Assist smart cities in dealing with heavy traffic
  • Help outdoor advertisers gather audience figures as reliable as click count on by Facebook or Google
  • Think of your IoT/M2M customers. Showing them the current location of a truck is nice. But providing them with advice about the optimization of their truck drivers’ rounds makes even more sense – and they’re ready to pay for it.