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Building technology for action

We build technology for better business. Since our inception, we have provided down-to-earth software that is use-case oriented and ROI-proven. No matter your industry and the challenges you face, our solutions bring you three key capabilities to move your business forward.

  • Fast: It only takes milliseconds to make decisions based on terabytes of data. Our exclusive technology combines NoSQL database efficiency with the convenience of relational databases and embedded in-DB processing so that you’re always in a position to make the right decisions in real-time.
  • Easy: Our turnkey solutions empower every business user to create, modify and automate their use cases in minutes. A simple and intuitive interface enables you to stay agile and tackle new issues as they arise. No engineering degree required.
  • Open: Lots of companies will try to sell you a new system to integrate and analyze your data. But this is long, complicated, expensive and unnecessary. Our solutions build on your legacy platforms and our full set of APIs will turbo-boost your back- and front-offices.


fast data rules engineChallenges for Fast Data Rules Engines
Current Rules Engines are running on top of Databases. This was fine with low volumes and small streams of data. With traffic increasing in speed and volume, issues were solved by connecting faster Databases. But when coping with millions of events per second, this architecture reaches its limits in term of scalability and responsiveness…  Learn More

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