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The UK mobile market, which boasts one of the highest mobile penetration rates in the world, has been recently the industry’s innovation lab to test new mobile services. A leading Tier-1 in the UK planned to provide an industrial-scale proximity-based marketing service to connect as many subscribers as possible to major brands.

The main challenge encountered was the inherited limitations from available technologies and how these considerably reduced the addressable subscriber base. Examples of limitations were related to:

  • device compatibility,
  • GPS activation
  • app download.

Using traditional network components for geolocation was considered, their limited capacity and associated costs threatened the ROI of the service. Indeed, service success depended on the number of opt-in subscribers being large enough to effectively be segmented while addressing a significant number of customers.


The British tier-1 selected Intersec’s solution for its capability to address millions of subscribers and to enrich applications with real-time location information. Intersec’s location intelligence solution relies on network-based geolocation, an alternative technique that overcomes the limitations of traditional geolocation. Such methods are used by many mobile operators to leverage their infrastructure to locate a handset in a non-intrusive way, without adding any software or activating a feature in the handset. Intersec’s technology enables to continuously collect all location events from millions of subscribers so to create an always up-to-date database. The solution leverages Intersec’s modular framework,
enabling the collection of location data from multiple sources (WiFi, Femtocells, GPS) to the analysis of crowd mobility algorithms.

All components required to operate a proximity-based marketing service were provided:

  • Real-time geofencing: Instant detection and automatic notification triggered when a subscriber enters or leaves a pre-defined geographical area. With filtering capabilities, a single subscriber entering the
    area multiple times will not be spammed.

 Reach the right person at the right place and time. 

  • Predictive analytics: Analyze historical data and recurrent movement patterns from opt-in subscribers to predict future geofence hits. This allows for precise estimations of campaign’s performance beforelaunch.

 Maximize profitability by enhancing targeting. 

  • Mass-scale: An anonymized overview of all subscribers’ locations enables to identify areas of high density and traffic. It also provides unique business insights to brands based on factual data. 

 Maximize reach to the entire customer base without network overload. 


  • Successful launch and operation of a scalable nationwide service Exclusive offers with strong retention factor opted-in by 20+ million subscribers
  • Automated, real-time, location-based notifications for concurrent campaigns
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Always relevant offers based on context and shared preferences
  • Customers in control of the frequency and topics of the messages
  • Higher value offer for brands and advertisers
  • Unique targeting capabilities and audience insight for consumer behavior analysis
  • Effective integration of the mobile channel into brands’ communication strategy