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Kamal F.

C developer

I am a C developer since June 2014 (it seems short but people here always assume I have been with them longer).

What does it consist in?

Lots of things: Mainly designing technical solutions to implement functional features, coding them (with tests and documentation), doing daily code review, and fixing bugs. I have also been involved in some project management and improvement of our processes (some fuzzy Agile).

What I like best about my job?

The people. They are skillful, open, friendly and really different from one another. That diversity is in my opinion one of our greatest assets.

Most of the challenges I had are work related, the greatest is not. It was to make the arcade machine purchase happen. The buying itself was easy, but it was too heavy and needed a platform below to support it. So after calculating the dimension required we took the company car with Samir to buy a wood platform at a DIY store. Unfortunately the platform did not fit in the car so we had to ask a vendor to cut it in half for us. We then brought it back and painted it and voilĂ ! Now we can play Street Fighter IV at leisure.

5 words to describe your experience at Intersec:
Git grep, Happening, Gerrit, Board games, Hackathon.