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Benefits of location and transactional data analysis for logistics

Asset Management

Mass-scale IoT applications are often implemented to manage assets, especially in the logistics space. To track small devices, manufacturers use low-power chipsets allowing the device's batteries to last for years. The tradeoff? A lack of embedded GPS modules.


Extract location data for IoT devices regardless of GPS functionality  

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Intersec enables the extraction of location information for IoT devices in real-time, regardless of the availability of GPS functionality on a given device.

  • A unique source of location, seamless consolidation of the different location sources (ex: Wi-Fi, NB IoT, LTE Cat M1, App-based, GPS…etc.)
  • Vendor agnostic
  • No pressure on the network
  • Battery-life optimization: IoT devices don’t need to communicate any additional information beyond the basic required interaction with the network
  • SubCell accuracy

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Supply chain optimization

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Boost operational efficiency for the supply chain 

Schedule complex operations to maximize your operational efficiency while satisfying your customers’ needs. Our visual studio makes it easy to create the workflows and logics that fit your constraints exactly.

  • A customized and contextual response following event detection in real-time
  • A user-friendly web interface that doesn’t require a technical background
  • A drag&drop logic to design in a few minutes the scenario to be tested, launched and analyzed
  • Seamless interaction between network & IT environments

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