Contextual marketing based on customer insights

Iris Contextual Marketing Suite enables you to design marketing actions visually based on customer insights, AI-based predictions, Big Data Analytics and workflow automation.

Whatever your marketing strategy mix is - customer acquisition, customer loyalty, customer retention, upsell or cross-sell, revenue generation, or entering new markets, IRIS Contextual Marketing Suite can help you.

  • Geolocation to accelerate mobile money adoption

    Give your campaigns all the power by incentivizing mobile money actions when the purchaser is only two steps away.

    • Use location as the targeting criteria in real-time
    • Activate your campaigns on location: Whenever your targeted subscriber enters a mobile money zone, he receives an incentive to use the service
    • Analyze your distribution network coverage according to your customers presence
    • Give insights to your partners on their potential business
    • Push contextual and geolocated information to your target
  • Geolocation to boost roaming usage while traveling abroad

    Ensure your subscriber remains loyal abroad :

    • Real-time recognition of your subscriber activating abroad
    • Even before, detect that he’s going to travel and propose dedicated roaming offer
    • Full campaigns scenario from prices communication to pushing offers


  • IA/ML for Customer Value Maximization (CVM)

    The machine learning capabilities embedded in the solution enable you to automate your CVM efforts with a best-of-breed scenario editor enriched with individual scoring of 100% of your subscribers. Focus on your strategy, our platform is your path to success. 

    • Individually score your entire base's willingness to participate in a campaign
    • Automatically cluster your base accordingly for a dedicated marketing objective: value increase in consumption, new service adoption, brand recognition…
    • Sequential processing of bonus according to refined clusters of the full subscribers base
    • Exclude unwilling subscribers at every step, to better include them in subsequent steps


     IA machine learning                                                                                                                                                                          

Your personal marketing assistant

Iris Contextual Marketing Suite enables you to design marketing actions visually based on customer insights, AI-based predictions, Big Data Analytics and workflow automation.

Four main building blocks

  • Data collection for Customer Context: Data Warehouses, BI / CRM, Telco Usage, Content and Social Media, location probes / WLAN, technical events
  • Triggers on any source: thresholds, real-time scoring, network events, geolocation, AI predictions
  • Visual Design of the Marketing Actions in the Scenario Editor: describes and handles the flow of actions, queries and interactions with the customers, both inbound and outbound.
  • Multiple outcomes and channels: Applications, Direct Communication, Data Enrichment

Increased responsiveness

  • One of the main features of the Intersec platform is allowing real-time interactions with subscribers and real-time feedback to the marketing teams
  • Interactions with a specific customer can be instantly triggered by any type of technical event: a low balance, a recent service subscription, failed attempts to a service, customer entering a specific area, a suspicious number of premium calls, etc.

Flexible workflows

  • As customers are now asking engagements to be contextually relevant, Intersec IRIS Contextual Marketing suite allows you to build very flexible marketing actions adapted to customers’ behavior and response

Best of breed: Rule Engine & AI

  • IRIS Contextual Marketing combines the best of both worlds: a powerhouse rules-engine with a proven track record of more than a decade and Artificial Intelligence features

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