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  • Public Alerting: a mass alerting system for cities close to a nuclear plant



    Many casualties could be avoided during natural and man-made disasters through better communication to the impacted population. To address such issues, national and local governments around the world have launched initiatives to modernize alerting systems. Mobile networks are a strategic asset when it comes to reaching immediately from one to millions of citizens.


    Our customer – a tier-1 operator in North America – was approached by a major energy provider to deliver a mass alerting system to cities close to a nuclear plant. In case of a potential disaster, the system should notify a large population, isolated citizens and emergency services with relevant instructions based on their current location.

    Intersec solution

    Intersec Public Alerting solution is deployed at the core network of the main mobile connectivity provider in the region. The conducted tests were a major success and highlighted once more the need for a solution with mass-scale capabilities when considering out-of-proportion events. Providing real-time intelligence based on anonymized telecom data to local authorities – the solution allows emergency services to:
    - monitor population flows,
    - analyze the presence of individuals in hazardous areas
    - enable officials to communicate relevant instructions instantly to all mobile-equipped citizens in case an extraordinary event occurs.

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