• Public Safety

    Public Safety

    From pin-pointed prevention to large scale alerting
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Data for public safety

Our Public Safety Solution enables you to easily spot suspicious activity or to warn all people who are in or about to enter a certain area. Use our solution to make quick decisions based on hard facts.

Maximize your reach

Manage resources efficiently during a crisis thanks to a mass-scale view of crowd movements. Enhance the work of emergency service teams with real-time insights.


Inform millions in seconds. Communicate appropriate instructions to the population according to the context.


Detect threatsPre-define alerts to trigger an action in real-time upon the identification of a potential threat.


Correlate billions of events and analyze data from past and ongoing events to detect suspicious patterns.

Provide evidence

Locate mobile-equipped individuals under judicial investigation. Follow in real-time moving suspects and gather evidence.


Historize 100,000 events/second by node. Compile multiple data types from different sources for a higher visibility.

Use Cases

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Public alerting

An efficient tool to manage population movements, assist public services and minimize damages when natural or man-made disasters occurs.


Homeland security

Counter-intelligence services can monitor the movements and exchanges of information of suspected terrorists. Data can be anonymized and aggregated to avoid security leaks.


Geolocation of Emergency Calls

Increase response time and effectiveness of your emergency services with immediate identification of callers location.

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