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Alert For Roamers

Now more than ever there is a need to have systems in place that can alert the public and protect them against natural and man-made disasters. But how do you create an alert for roamers and people visiting from abroad? It is critical that any public warning system put in place has the ability to alert everybody within a specific vicinity at the same time so that these people can find the protection they need or take relevant precautions.

A public warning system must be able to satisfy a number of requirements, including:

  • The ability to notify people using any kind of phone (from 2G to 5G)
  • The ability to disseminate information on a massive scale and as quickly as possible. It must be able to accurately target those for who the message applies.
  • The ability to provide an alert for roamers and international travellers and to send them the alert in their own language.
  • The ability to monitor how populations respond to these emergency alerts and a repeated alert feature.

Using Cell Broadcast as an Alert For Roamers

When it comes to handling emergency warnings, cell broadcast is the best way to send them. With cell broadcast, messages are instantly displayed on the mobile phone screen no matter what the origin country or compatible device. Text messages originate at the Cell Broadcast Centre (CBC) and are sent to all mobile devices in a specific defined region. The message arrives using a specific display and ringtone so that people instantly recognise it as an alert. Furthermore, before being able to continue to use their phone, the user must acknowledge the alert. This allows the government to ensure that messages are read and understood.

Cell broadcast is one of the most powerful communication technologies and is able to reach millions of devices in just a few seconds - even when networks are congested. Also, messages are sent out in full compliance with the latest GDPR regulations as the user’s phone number is not required to broadcast the message.

Why We Use Location Based SMS as an Alert For Roamers

We combine SMS with cell-based location to ensure the highest level of accuracy and compatibility when sending out an alert for roamers. It means that the public warning message is broadcast to anybody entering, leaving or already inside the defined zone. This technology can also give us more information, such as a count of recipients within a specified zone, individual delivery reports with real-time monitoring and also language-specific information that will allow us to adapt messages to the individual roamer based on their country code.

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