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Area Monitoring and Geofencing

Area monitoring and geofencing are effective solutions that allow you to serve smartphone users with ads and alerts that are relevant to them. By creating a virtual boundary or perimeter around your business or organisation location, you can notify users about offers, company news or even public warnings. They will receive these messages the moment they enter your boundary area.

In terms of marketing, geofencing is defined as a mobile marketing optimisation strategy. If you are looking for a way to increase foot traffic to your business and beat your competitors, area monitoring and geofencing will bring you closer to more revenue and more repeat business.

Why Use Area Monitoring and Geofencing?

People are always on the go, whether on the way to work, out shopping, visiting friends or taking exercise. But the good news is that they will always have their smartphones with them and this is where they do their research before buying products or services.

When it comes to reaching more people with your messages, area monitoring and geofencing should not be neglected. There simply is no better way to notify customers about your products or services the moment they step within your business boundary. So, when customers come through your door or pass your store, you can send them alerts about special offers and entice them to buy from you.

Grow Brand Awareness For Your Business

Area monitoring and geofencing are great ways to build brand awareness for your business. This technology offers the chance to engage with customers automatically and instantly the moment they are close by and ready to purchase through their mobile phones. And with contactless technology reaching smartphones, it also means they can pay for goods using their phones with one tap. The trick is to make the buying process and customer experience as easy and convenient as possible.

Reduce Marketing Costs

Another huge benefit of using area monitoring and geofencing is the savings it can bring to your marketing spend. Creating ad campaigns can be expensive and can be a little hit and miss. With geofencing technology, you can target customers with greater accuracy bringing your revenue up and your marketing costs down.

You should regard area monitoring and geofencing as an extension of your business. With geofencing technology in place, you don’t need to stand in front of your store or invest in flash advertising in the local vicinity. You can let geofencing do all the hard work for you and know that you have potential customers in the palm of your hand.

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