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Cell Broadcast

When it comes to sending out public alerts, SMS is commonplace. However, Cell Broadcast (CB) is a much more effective system when it comes to public warnings and messages. Cell Broadcast appears like a text message and is sent out from a mobile mast. The message can be sent out from one mobile mast or from every mobile mast in the country. Anybody in the area or moving through the area will receive the messages even where the signal might not be that strong. At the moment, Cell Broadcast is not worldwide and is used by a number of countries.

The great thing about Cell Broadcast is that it can be left ‘playing’ for hours if you need to send out a message and need as many people as possible to hear it over a specific period. Another benefit is that users don’t need to subscribe to start receiving messages over CB and also don’t need to share any personal information such as phone number or location. It is also not affected by network congestion and can reach millions of people instantly.

Sending Alerts and Public Warnings Effectively

Whether you need to warn citizens about a weather warning, pandemic lockdown or another important event, you need a way to transmit the warning to all people in the affected area. Over the years, governments have realised that current emergency systems such as radio, TV or sirens are no longer enough. Authorities have therefore turned to technologies like Cell Broadcast to raise the alarm. This technology allows them to alert millions of people at once if necessary and give them relevant information and advice.

The mobile phone is by far the most suitable device to relay this information to. As one of the most ubiquitous communication channels in the world, the mobile phone can take a text message and relay the level of detail required to help the public take action and stay safe.

How Are Cell Broadcast Messages Received?

Cell Broadcast messages will appear on mobile devices according to the handset’s configuration. Many handsets have a reserved tone for these broadcast messages that is very loud and which also makes use of the vibrate function. Some phones are also able to read out the message or set other tones to alert the user.

The most important thing is that the message is read as quickly as possible. There is no point sending out an urgent Cell Broadcast message only for it to be read hours later especially if immediate evasive action needs to be taken.

At Intersec, we offer Cell Broadcast services that can be tailored for your exact needs. We would be delighted to speak to you about your requirements and show you a demo of our solution. Whether you require an efficient and reliable way to send out public warning messages or you are interested in finding out more about geofencing solutions, we would be delighted to assist. Cell Broadcast is one of the best ways to ensure everybody gets the message.

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