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    Fast data, Fast decisions

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    Blazing fast

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Target Your Prospects With The Right Contextualised Offers

Wouldn’t it be great if you could target your prospects with the offers that you know will most appeal to them, the things they are looking for right now? Well, with contextual offers, you can do just that. Contextual marketing is nothing new really, but the ways it works in now have become very advanced. For centuries, marketers have been giving customers what they want, but now thanks to innovative solutions, we are able to predict what they want and even deliver contextualised offers while prospects are searching for something.

Contextualised offers allow you to produce offers that are highly relevant and highly targeted to your target audience. Let’s say your prospects are looking for shoes. You can send them a highly targeted and reduced offer for the shoes they are looking for, right down to the colour and style. And the best bit is that contextualised offers work in any industry, from insurance to holidays. Why not speak to us today to find out more about targeting your marketing with contextual marketing? We would be delighted to tell you more.

Get Ahead With A Contextual Offers Solution

At Intersec we pride ourselves on the results we help our customers to achieve. We take the guesswork out of predicting what your customers want, and help you to formulate highly targeted and highly relevant offers. We can do this using the data that you already collect from your target audience, but also add in other elements that collect even more data. Once you have these large data sets to work with, you can start to pick out the information that you want to use to target your contextual offers.

We are always innovating and staying ahead of the curve. We help our customers to see the bigger picture, so that they can fully automate their contextual offers and leave them to work their magic. When you target your prospects in this way you improve your reputation and become top of mind when your customers want a product or service that you provide. We would be very happy to show you how this works in more detail and to show you a demo of contextual marketing and contextual offers in action.

Contact Us Today To Arrange A Demo

Don’t guess when you can target. Our contextual offers solutions are waiting for you to apply your own branding and offers to them. We would be delighted to tell you more and to demo our solutions to you. Whether you are just starting out with contextual marketing or it is something that you are already using, we have the software you need all ready to go and it will integrate perfectly with the technology you are already using. Get in touch with our helpful and friendly team today to find out more about contextual offers and how they can help you to take your marketing and sales to the very next level. We are waiting to assist.

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