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Emergency Alerting System

Whether you need to alert citizens about a natural disaster, impending weather fronts or pandemic information, you need an emergency alerting system that you can rely on. Our Cell Broadcast system will ensure everybody gets the message instantly regardless of network or device. From government offices to regional organisations, we offer solutions that are easy to use and which will appear on every phone in the vicinity, whether you need to message one region or an entire country.

So, why use an emergency alerting system with mobile phones? Well, most people carry a mobile phone with them or will be near somebody that does. This makes mobile phones the perfect conduit for a public warning system. At Intersec, our GeoSafe solution offers the following benefits:

  • Being able to reach users of any kind of phone from 2G to 5G devices
  • Able to disseminate information quickly and in huge volume and to ensure accurate targeting of messages that need to go to specific areas
  • Able to also alert international travellers that are roaming in the area and to even send them the message in their own language
  • A monitoring system that includes a repeated alert feature and shows how populations respond to emergency alerts

No matter what the alert or how many people you need to make aware, our emergency alerting system is the answer.

Why Use Cell Broadcast With An Emergency Alerting System?

Cell Broadcast is the most efficient and effective method of sending out emergency alerts to an entire region quickly and in large volumes. These messages can be sent from a single mobile phone mast to a specific region or can be sent from every phone mast in the country if you need to send out country-wide alerts. Alerts appear as SMS messages and can be easily read by users on their device.

Depending on the device, messages will be delivered in different but effective ways. For example, some devices will play a loud tone when they receive a Cell Broadcast message from an emergency alerting system. Others may play a sound and vibrate. The message will be the same on every device and users will be able to read and understand it easily so that they can take the right action to protect themselves from danger.

Alert Millions Of People At Once

There may be times when you need to send out an alert to millions of people at once. Fortunately, our emergency alerting system is able to cope with such high capacity and will ensure that everybody that needs to get the message will be made aware of the alert within seconds.

To find out more about our emergency alerting system and how we can help you to send out public alerts and warnings, speak to the helpful team at Intersec today. We would be delighted to tell you more about our solution and how easy it is to implement and use. Contact us today for more information and for a demo of our solution.

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