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Emergency Mobile Alert

When you need to send an emergency mobile alert throughout a region or to an entire country, you need the right solution. Our Cell Broadcast emergency mobile alert solution puts you in complete control of how, when and where public warning system messages are sent out. Sent from one mobile mast or many, this is the best way to get the message out to those that need to take protective measures to keep themselves safe.

Why We Use Cell Broadcast For Emergency Alerts

While communication technology is constantly changing, Cell Broadcast still remains the most reliable and fastest way to get a message out to the public. Cell Broadcast messages arrive as an SMS that everybody is familiar with and millions of messages can be sent out fast if necessary. It doesn’t matter what device people are using either. Whether people are using 2G phones or bang up to date 5G phones, the message will be received loud and clear.

When it comes to how the emergency mobile alert is given, this will usually depend on the phone and how the device is set up to handle this type of message. Some will sound a loud alarm and vibrate while other devices will have other ways of sounding the alarm.

Peace of Mind For Everybody

Our emergency mobile alert solution provides peace of mind for you and peace of mind for the public. Whether you need to notify citizens about an impending weather front sweeping in that could cause potential risk to life or you need to warn about another threat to life, our solution offers you the perfect platform. We would be delighted to speak to you today to tell you more about our solution and how it is helping government agencies to manage safety.

Our emergency mobile alert solution will send out warning messages on a global scale ensuring no device is missed. It can also monitor how messages are received and keep sending out messages repeatedly over a set period of time. With our solutions you are in complete control over how you want your messages to appear, when to send them and how many areas you need to send them to.

The Most Reliable Way to Send Out Emergency Warnings

The most common communication channel for everybody these days is the mobile phone and most people will have a phone on their person wherever they go. This makes our emergency mobile alert system the most efficient and effective means of delivering emergency messages. Don’t leave public safety to chance. Speak to us today about our Cell Broadcast SMS solution and how we can help you to ensure everybody that needs to receive a warning message receives it loud and clear.

We would be delighted to tell you more about our solution and show you a demo of how it works. Working closely with you, we can integrate our solution into your infrastructure and give you peace of mind that you can always act quickly and alert the nation in an emergency.

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