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EU Public Alarm System

Here at Intersec, we specialise in EU public alarm system solutions that ensure emergency warnings get to where they need to be. Whether you need to evacuate a small region or send the alert out to millions of people, our solution puts you in complete control. Over the years, we have helped many government agencies and offices to manage their public warnings in the most effective way.

Our solution uses Cell Broadcast and so can send out messages to any device regardless of its settings or capabilities. From 2G to 5G devices, if the device is able to receive SMS messages then our EU public alarm system will sound the message loud and clear. To find out more about our services and system, get in touch with the team here at Intersec today.

What Are The Requirements of an EU Public Alarm System?

For a public warning system to be effective, it must offer the following:

  • Be able to send out messages to the affected population using methods that do not cause widespread panic.
  • A way to convey messages reliably and rapidly in real time.
  • Be able to offer monitoring features that provide statistical information on messages sent and received. This allows performance to be monitored and improved.
  • The ability to send messages on a mass scale if necessary to a high percentage of people in affected areas. This must also include visitors to the area and messages must be delivered in the user’s native language.
  • Users should not be required to opt-in to receive messages from an EU public alarm system or need to set up their phones to receive messages.
  • The system should have the ability to allow for 2-way communication so that users can request emergency assistance or members of the public can send back information - this is especially useful in cases where missing children are being searched for.

Mobile phones are the most effective channel when it comes to implementing an EU public alarm system. People are more likely to have a mobile phone with them than any other device and sending out a message to sound the alarm is much easier for governments than relying on sirens, TV or radio broadcasts. At Intersec, we use the latest technology in our solutions and keep on improving and updating our technology to bring our customers the best service possible.

One of the other big pluses that our EU public alarm system offers is the ability to track population movements and report this information back. This helps governments to monitor how people are moving through the region and how many people are at risk. For example, if evacuations are taking place, this data can help governments to see when people are being evacuated to other regions as their cell data will change.

We Use Location-Based SMS

When it comes to efficiency and effectiveness, our Location-Based SMS is one of the best solutions for an EU Public Alarm System. This technology allows the use to text messaging and is able to send out messages that are based on a user’s location. This means if you only need to send out public alert messages to people in a specific area, you can. Simply select the mobile phone mast you want to broadcast from and everybody connected to that mast will receive the message.

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