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Legal Intercept System

At Intersec, we specialise in legal intercept system solutions. The term ‘legal intercept’ relates to the process by which law enforcement agencies are able to carry out electronic surveillance of packet-mde and circuit communications as authorised by an administrative or judicial order. Countries throughout the world have adopted regulatory and legislative requirements of private and public communication services to develop and implement their networks to support legal intercept system solutions explicitly. Standards have also been developed by international standards authorities to provide guidance for service providers when handling certain types of legal intercept activities.

Why Use a Legal Intercept System?

It is important that law enforcement authorities have access to as much data as possible when conducting an investigation. Today, criminals use mobile communications more than ever and these devices and the data they contain and transmit can be used as admissible evidence in a trial. For this reason, agencies require the ability to quickly intercept and analyse data from a number of different sources.

Legal intercept systems are able to provide real-time monitoring of communications on a number of different channels including voice and video. Messages can also be analysed historically or in real-time. At Intersec, we have years of experience in legal intercept system technology and would be delighted to tell you more about the solutions available and how much value they can provide to an ongoing investigation. To find out more about our solutions get in touch with our team today and tell us more about your requirements.

Another Level of Intelligence

A legal intercept system adds another robust and effective level of intelligence to any investigation. For example, if a suspect says they were not in a specific area at the time of the crime, historic mobile phone data can be used. Monitoring can also be carried out of calls, video, messages and more. With a system like this, you are in complete control of the data you collect and analyse.

Whether a crime has been committed or a crime is about to be committed, a legal intercept system can prove to be a very effective solution in the catching of criminals and the serving of justice. However, it is important that you use a system that complies with the latest relevant legislation. If you don’t, you could throw your entire investigation into jeopardy and potentially have evidence thrown out of court.

Leave It To The Experts at Intersec

The right system could make so much difference to the way an investigation is handled and the outcome that is reached. To ensure that you use a legal intercept system that is both compliant and highly effective, speak to the experts here at Intersec. We would be delighted to tell you more about the many benefits of using a legal intercept system and how our innovative technology works. We are experts in our field and ensure that our solutions are compliant with all relevant legislation that affects both the mobile communications and judicial systems.

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