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Mass Notification System

When you are looking for a mass notification system that offers granularity and complete control over your public alert messages, speak to Intersec. We have the technology you need and will help to ensure that your messages can be sent to specific groups of users, specific regions or to the entire population quickly and easily.

More and more threats are being introduced daily. Get your citizens to safety and advise them of the risks with a mass notification system that is compliant, reliable and efficient. From natural disasters and pandemics to terrorist attacks and chemical spills, we put the power of alert into your hands.

What to Look For In A Mass Notification System

Many governments today rely on radio and TV broadcasts and sirens in order to get emergency alerts out to their citizens. But the most reliable and ubiquitous way to reach as many people as possible is in the palm of their hands - the mobile phone. Whether you need to inform a specific region about an impending risk or you need to spread the message wide across the country, we can help.

Our cell broadcast technology allows you to send a message to anybody connected to a specific mobile mast or collection of mobile masts. Whoever is connected to that mobile mast at the time will receive the message. Cell broadcast messages are often announced using a loud ringtone and vibration depending on the model of mobile. On the other hand, location based SMS offers a more granular approach and also allows two-way communication. This means that authorities can monitor things like message receipt and that users can send messages back.

Dependable and Device-Agnostic

One of the most important features that a mass notification system must have is the ability to send messages to almost any mobile device. Fortunately, all mobile phones have the ability to receive basic SMS messages making them the perfect conduit for public awareness messages. From 2G to 5G, you can rest assured that your message will be received by those that need to hear it. And for roaming users, a mass notification system will ensure that messages are delivered to those in the specified region and available in the user’s native language.

With our solution there is no need for users to subscribe or to set up their phone in any specific way. According to research, this method of PWS will alert up to 98% of users on their mobile phones.

Find Out More About Our Solutions

When you are looking for a reliable and fast mass notification system that offers complete control and that allows you to get warning messages out quickly and to millions of people in one go, speak to the experts here at Intersec. We would be delighted to tell you more about the solutions we have developed and which will ensure your citizens are kept informed, protected and safe. Call us today to find out more and to arrange a demo at your convenience.

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