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Mobile Alert 2G

When you need to send mobile alert 2G messages and need a reliable platform from which to do so, look no further than Intersec. We understand how important it is for governments and authorities to have a public alert system that can reach everybody regardless of the device they are using. The good news is that our mass notification system is able to broadcast alerts that are received on 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G devices.

As the threat landscape continues to grow, it is important that you have a way to alert citizens quickly and be sure that the message has been received by as many people as possible. With mobile alert 2G messages, you can do just that. Whether you need to alert people about a hurricane, chemical attack or send out urgent pandemic alerts, our solution is the answer.

What to Look For In A Mobile Alert 2G System

For many years, governments have relied largely on mass notification warnings powered by siren or TV and radio broadcast. However, the most ubiquitous and dependable way to sound the message these days is through the humble mobile phone. With the majority of the population having access to a mobile phone and carrying it with them wherever they go, it makes sense to use these devices as a conduit for messages.

The most important thing when sending out alert messages is that people can receive them no matter what device they are using or what network they are on. With our technology, you can be sure of reaching owners of 2G phones when using our mobile alert 2G solution. Our location-based SMS solution allows you to send out messages using a granular approach and also allows 2-way communication. This is useful for monitoring message receipt and also allowing citizens to request help if required. With the data from these messages, authorities can determine which areas require the heaviest response resources and act accordingly.

A Dependable Solution That You Control

Whether you need to distribute mass messages across your population or to target specific areas, our mobile alert 2G solution will offer reliable service. According to studies, this method of public warning system will reach up to 98% of users on their mobile phones and will ensure your message is received by those that matter. You can choose how you want to send your message - either by location-based SMS or cell broadcast. If you are not sure which is the right solution to suit your needs, we would be delighted to help.

Find Out More About Our Solutions

At Intersec, we have years of experience in developing public alert systems and mobile communications solutions. To find out more about our mobile alert 2G solutions, speak to our team today. We can show you how our solution works to send out alerts and how the data our solutions offer can be leveraged to keep your citizens safe and to make provisions for future safety and awareness planning. Call us today to find out more.

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