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Mobile Alert 3G

At Intersec, we understand that a public warning messaging system needs to get the message out fast to citizens regardless of the device they are using. Our mobile alert 3G solution is device-agnostic and able to send messages to 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G devices in a timely and reliable manner. Whether you are looking to alert an entire population or break down into regions or groups of users, our solution can be tailored to suit your needs. You can choose to use cell broadcast or location-based SMS depending on the requirements for your message.

The most important factor when choosing a mobile alert 3G solution is that it is dependable. You need a solution that will communicate your message quickly and on as many different devices as possible. From alerts about natural disasters to pandemic alerts that you need to announce to specific sets of people, our solution puts you in complete control.

The EECC and What New Regulations Mean

The European Electronic Communications Code (EECC) will make the use of Public Warning Systems using a telecommunications network compulsory by June 2022 for all member states. This means that any public warnings must be sent to public mobile phones to sound the alert and enable them to stay safe. There are currently two dominant technologies that allow authorities to alert their citizens - cell broadcast and location-based SMS.

Cell Broadcast For Sending Out Messages

Cell Broadcast (CB) uses a dedicated channel to send messages. It can deliver messages to millions of people in mere seconds even if there is high congestion on the mobile network and without contributing any further to that congestion. These messages can be displayed on the device without any interaction from the user and can sound the alert through a special ringtone making these alerts instantly recognisable.

The only problem is that Cell Broadcast messages are not compatible with all handsets. So if you are looking for a mobile alert 3G solution that is device agnostic, you might want to consider another solution like location based SMS. With location based SMS, handsets receive the message in SMS format, a format that all users will be familiar with. This type of solution helps authorities to provide accurate and timely alerts and to fulfill their EU mandate.

A Dependable Solution That You Control

Whether you need a mobile alert 3G solution to replace your existing solution or you are considering one of these solutions for the first time, we would be delighted to assist. At Intersec, we work with many authorities, helping them to implement public warning solutions that will keep their citizens safe and their services in compliance with the latest EECC obligations. We would be delighted to tell you more about our solutions and to show you a demo. We can also tell you more about the data and statistics that our solution can provide so that you can plan your resources according to the level of threat or risk and to confirm that your messages have been received.

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