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Mobile Alert 4G

When you are looking for a mobile alert 4G solution that you can rely on to get the message out quickly and to the people that need to see it, come to Intersec. We have years of experience in public warning systems and would be delighted to show you a demo of our solution and explain the technology. Our mobile alert 4G solution is device-agnostic and able to send messages to 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G devices. Whether you need to send an emergency alert to entire countries or a specific region, our technology puts you in complete control. We give you the option of choosing between location-based SMS and cell broadcast allowing you to select the transmission method that best suits your needs.

When choosing a public warning system, it’s critical that you choose a system that you can rely on in the most devastating circumstances. Hopefully you won’t have to use your alert system that often but it’s peace of mind to know that you can get a warning message out quickly and help your citizens get to safety. From sending out extreme weather warnings to alerting citizens about emergency pandemic situations, our solution gives you complete control.

The EECC and What New Regulations Mean

By June 2022, it will be mandatory for any member state in Europe to have a public warning system that broadcasts messages via a telecommunications network. Our mobile alert 4G solution is compliant with all necessary regulations and will ensure you comply with this directive. We give you a choice of two technologies when sending out messages to your citizens - location-based SMS and cell broadcast. Both have distinct advantages.

Cell Broadcast For Mass Distribution of Messages

Cell Broadcast (CB) relies on a dedicated channel for sending out messages. Millions of messages can be delivered at once in just seconds. Even if there is congestion on the network, as there usually is in emergency situations, a cell broadcast message will get through and all without causing further congestion. These messages will usually appear without any interaction from the user and will typically sound a special alert or tone on the phone to differentiate between other types of message.

The only issues with using Cell Broadcast messages is that they may not always be compatible with all handheld devices. If you are looking for a public warning system that is totally device agnostic, you might want to consider using location based SMS instead. Most phones today are able to accept SMS messages.

A Dependable Solution That You Control

If you are looking for a mobile alert 4G solution that puts you in complete control of emergency alert messages, speak to the experts at Intersec. We would be delighted to speak to you about our solutions and to arrange a demo at your convenience. We help you to get the message out loud and clear to entire populations or specific regions giving you peace of mind that you can withhold your obligation to get your citizens to safety or alert them of danger.

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