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Mobile Alert 5G

Choosing a mobile alert 5G solution is easy when you come to Intersec. We offer a public warning system that is compatible with 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G devices. No matter what the warning and what the device, we will help you to get the message out to those who need it allowing them to get to safety fast. Whether you need to alert a huge population of millions of people or you have a specific region you need to send a message to, our solution puts you in control of how your message is sent and who will receive it.

Selecting the right mobile alert 5G solution is imperative when you have an obligation to protect your citizens. We give you peace of mind that when disaster hits or is imminent that you will be able to sound the alert. At Intersec, we have years of experience in mobile communications and would be delighted to present a demo of our technology to you.

How the EECC Regulation Affects European Members

By June 2022, the EECC new directive stipulates that all member states must have a public warning system in place that broadcasts messages over a telecommunications network. Mobile phones are used by the majority of people today and offer a ubiquitous means of communication for authorities looking to enhance public warning systems. Our technology allows you to stay compliant and to ensure you get messages to those that need them fast.

Cell Broadcast For Mass Distribution of Messages

Our Cell Broadcast (CB) solution is able to send out millions of messages to citizens fast. The best thing is that no matter how congested the network becomes, the message will always get through and all without causing further congestion as a result. Cell Broadcast messages will usually sound a completely different tone or sound on the user’s phone so that they are more likely to look at their phone to see the message.

However, a downside of using Cell Broadcast is that it is not always compatible with every handset and therefore won’t arrive on all devices. If you are looking for a mobile alert 5G system that offers more granular control, you might want to consider using location based SMS instead. We can give you guidance on the most suitable technology to suit your needs and offer a range of options. Don’t rely on sirens, TV or radio broadcasts when our mobile alert 5G solution helps you to reach more people in less time.

A Dependable Solution That You Control

To find out more about our public warning solutions, speak to the team here at Intersec today. We have years of experience in mobile communications solutions and would be delighted to talk you through the technology and present you with a demo of our solution. Whether you are looking for a public warning system for the first time or you are considering a replacement to your existing solution, we are confident you will find what you need in our solution.

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