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PSCE Member

Intersec is proud to be a PSCE member. The PSCE, or Public Safety Communication Europe Forum was set up in response to a European Commission funded project in 2008. This forum is a permanent fixture and works hard to foster excellence in the use and development of public safety communication and information management systems.

There has been a rise in both natural and man-made disasters in recent years and as a result there is an increasing need for public safety and protection systems that can raise the alert when required and provide citizens with an effective means of instruction on how to get to safety. As a PSCE member, it is our responsibility to ensure we provide the highest standards when it comes to the management, design, installation, operation and maintenance of the public safety communications systems that we provide.

Why Use Mobile Phones As a Means of Alert

Mobile phones are omnipresent and that omnipresence allows authorities to use mobile devices as a reliable and effective means of communication in an emergency situation. At Intersec, part of our responsibility as a PSCE member is to ensure that these warnings can be distributed on a regional scale as well as a national scale. Our solution offers the following capabilities:

  • The ability for messages to reach people no matter what the device. From 2G to 5G, our message will be delivered.
  • The massive and fast dissemination of messages across millions of people or the ability to scale down to specific areas.
  • The ability to send instant alerts to tourists and to send messages in their preferred language.
  • A way to monitor how messages are being responded to and to also offer a repeated alert feature that continues to send the message over hours or days.

How We Are Supported As a PSCE Member

The PSCE helps to support us by encouraging us to exchange ideas, share best practices, develop roadmaps and to research activities that help to improve future public safety provisions and communications. The PSCE ensures technological neutrality by presenting technology solutions without having an influence over PSCE member companies. The highest level of ethics and integrity are ensured at all times and the forum also adopts best governance practices by providing transparent and comprehensive disclosure of governance related to PSCE. To ensure we maintain our PSCE member status, we ensure that we keep up to date with the latest governance and advice provided by the forum.

Why Choose Intersec For Your Public Alert System

At Intersec, we take our responsibilities as a public warning system provider very seriously. We can help you to stay compliant with the latest EECC directive and to ensure that you have the ability to get the alert out to all or some of your citizens as quickly as possible. When time is of the essence and there is a threat to life and infrastructure, you need a way to communicate safety messages as quickly as possible. Speak to us today to find out more.

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