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Public Protection and Disaster Response

When you are looking for help with public protection and disaster response, speak to the team here at Intersec. We offer a range of innovative and dependable solutions to ensure you can get the message out fast to your citizens and help them to stay out of harm’s way. With the number and nature of risks on the rise, you need a public protection and disaster response system that you can trust.

Sending out emergency messages to mobile phones makes sense. So many people own and carry mobile phones today making them the perfect conduit for emergency messages. You can choose cell broadcast that will send out a blanket message to all people connected to a specific mobile mast or collection of mobile masts. You might want more control over how your messages get sent and also have the ability to monitor delivery receipt or enable communication from users. We can help you to choose the right way to send messages to suit your needs.

What About Tourists and Visitors?

Our public protection and disaster response solution is able to send out messages to users in their preferred language ensuring that all visitors and tourists receive the same message as everybody else but in a language that they understand. This is achieved through the country code associated with the SIM card. We would be delighted to tell you more about this technology and how this works.

Can I Send A Message to Millions of Users?

If you need to get a message out quickly to millions of users, you can use cell broadcast. The great thing about cell broadcast is that it can be sent over the network, even when it is congested. In an emergency situation, it is usual for the network to be congested with people trying to call loved ones or emergency response teams. Cell broadcast will get through no matter how busy the network is. What’s more, it won’t add to the congestion. The only problem with cell broadcast is that not all phones have the capabilities to send these messages. Cell broadcast can also be disabled by the user.

If you would like to send SMS messages that can be received on any phone, choose our location based SMS solution. With this public protection and disaster response mode, you can also enable two-way communication that allows you to receive delivery receipts and also messages from your users. Location based SMS provides more granular control over your messages and more options for configuration.

Get In Touch to Find Out More

To find out more about our public protection and disaster response solutions, speak to the team at Intersec today. We would be delighted to speak to you about your requirements and to tell you more about our technology and how we can help you to ensure your citizens receive timely and accurate messages when it matters the most. Speak to us today to find out more and to request a free demo of our solution.

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