• real-time geofencing


    Leveraging Location and Transactional data for better decisions


Real-Time Geofencing

With real-time geofencing in place, you can engage with subscribers the moment they enter a defined location. Whether you need to send out an emergency alert or present a marketing or promotional offer to the subscriber, our real-time geofencing solution puts you in complete control.

Geofencing For Public Warning Alerts

When you have a disaster on your hands, such as a pandemic, chemical disaster or an impending weather warning in place, you need to get the alert out fast. Not only do you need to send the message out to people in the area already but also to people who are entering the area. Our real-time geofencing allows you to send messages the moment a subscriber enters a specific area and to send them a warning message quickly and in their own preferred language.

Geofencing For Marketing Purposes

Being able to engage potential customers the moment they enter a specific area is a huge benefit to any business. Imagine being able to send a special offer to people as they are just about to pass by your store. You can even send out messages when people pass by your competitor’s store with promotions that undercut your rival’s promotions or which give customers something extra. Our GeoHub solution gives you this functionality and so much more through our wide selection of APIs. In such a competitive marketplace, doesn’t it make sense to tap into technology that keeps you ahead of the curve and in front of your customers?

Leverage The Power Of Mobile

With mobile phones being the most ubiquitous means of communication today, it makes sense to leverage location data as much as possible. Our real-time geofencing capabilities provide you with a way to leverage mobile technology and data so that you can engage with subscribers within moments of them entering a specific area.

GeoHub is able to collect events passively while they occur on mobile networks and to extra location data in real-time. This collection of location data enables location-based services to be used on a mass-scale. The possibilities for both retail and public services are huge. No longer are you restricted by guesswork or sending messages out using a hit or miss approach. This data can also show you the comings and goings of people on specific dates or in specific locations. This can help retailers to plan marketing strategies and store placement with better precision and help authorities to plan first responder services more efficiently.

Get In Touch to Find Out More

If you would like to find out more about our real-time geofencing capabilities, speak to the team at Intersec today. Whether you are a public authority looking for a means to send out alerts to people entering a specific area or you are interested in using geofencing technology to attract more customers and leverage real-time and historical mobile data, we would be delighted to tell you more. Speak to use today to find out more and to arrange a free demo of our solution.

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