• Fast data, Fast decisions

    Fast data, Fast decisions

    Real-time decisions based on streaming analytics
  • Blazing fast

    Blazing fast

    Up to 100 times faster than legacy Big Data technologies


    Hassle-free, easy to use by everyone


    Give a new life to your legacy platforms
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Working With Transportation Data Analytics Software

Whether you need to alert drivers to their nearest parking space or send real-time train delay alerts to your passengers, transportation data analytics software can help you to get the insights so that you can automate the processes. At Intersec, we have developed a range of products that help you to tap into your data so that you can enrich the customer experience, be more proactive and work in more agile ways. Being able to make data driven decisions means your decisions are based on fact and not guesswork. We’d be delighted to show you how this can work for your transportation company and how we have helped many transportation companies to realise their full potential with transportation data analytics software.

Our solutions allow you to consolidate your data into one intuitive interface and to harness the data that is held or captured on legacy systems. All that is required is our API to connect to your systems - there are no major migrations, installations or changes required. Why not speak to our team today to find out more about our transportation data analytics software and how we can help you to get the best from your data.

Make Decisions Faster With Transportation Data Analytics Software

When you are running a time critical service, you need the right transportation data analytics software available to ensure your customers are always informed. With these measures in place you can receive information about the running times of your service and push out information and alerts in real time to your passengers. We can also help you if you are a parking company that needs to collect data from your car parks on the number of spaces vacant. You can then push this information out to large displays and mobile phones as appropriate.

As a leading smart data company we make it our priority to ensure that we deliver the best possible services to our customers and help them to become innovators within their industry. We would be delighted to find out more about your business and how we can match your needs with our solutions.

Contact Us Today To Arrange A Demo

Finding out more is easy and we recommend that you arrange a demo to see our solutions in detail. We can discuss your existing ways of working with data and show you how our solutions can help you to overcome barriers and challenges that may be standing in the way of progress. Transportation data analytics software can help you to see exactly what is happening across your network and when and allows you to deliver time critical and relevant information to those who need it, whether it is customers or your employees. Speak to our helpful team of experts today to find out more about our solutions and to arrange a convenient time to arrange a demo of our products. We are standing by ready to assist you.

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