Souad Touil

Souad T.

Project Manager

How long have you been in the company, what is your role?
I joined Intersec in July 2018, working as a Project Manager within the Professional services team.

What does your job consist in?
My job consists in managing integration and deployment projects in our client’s environments. My involvement within the project starts from the initiation phase by supporting the sales team in the commercial offer validation. Once the project is handled to the PS team, I am in charge of planning, coordinating, monitoring, and controlling all the aspects of the project until its handover to the Support Team.

What is your greatest challenge so far?
Every project is a new challenge by itself as every project has its own particularity.

What do you like best about your job?
More generally, working at Intersec is a great experience: the products are very innovative. The company is human-sized which makes you feel you are part of something. The colleagues are very friendly and helpful. Your ideas are listened to and taken into consideration.
As per project management job, I love all the interactions I have internally and externally with people from different backgrounds.

5 words to describe your experience at Intersec
Challenge. Innovation. Multiplicity. Interaction. Travel.