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Operational efficiency

Transportation hubs lack both efficient methods for measuring current affluence within their premises and the tools to react accordingly. Since customer experience and security are at stake, enhancing operational efficiency and quality of service is key.

To better engage with your customers (CX)


Transportation hubs and customer engagement 


  • Cross-reference data from various sources (ERP, reservation systems, CRM...) in real-time and inform your customers of any change, incident or delay
  • Analyze historical affluence. Understand the customer journey and the possible improvements inside & outside the terminal (check-in, security posts, taxiways…)
  • Offer tailored promotions at the nearby shops for passengers of a delayed journey by sending LBA campaigns

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To better run your operations

We offer an efficient way to easily track the activities within your premises via any type of network (Wi-fi, LoRa, Sigfox, GSM, bluetooth...).

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Track activities and enhance operations 

  • Determine arrival platform far in advance
  • Collect and analyze data from the terminals’ smart objects and trigger relevant actions (alerts on lavatory cleanliness, notifications that waste containers are full, leak detection…)
  • Monitor increases in traffic in real-time in order to allocate the optimal resources to the affected zones

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