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Big Data Software to fuel business opportunities

Transactional and location data have been driving digitization in many industries, and at the very heart of our engagement. We believe in data for a purpose and provide our customer with technology solutions to enable them to make the most of their data.

Communication Service Providers and Network Operators

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mobile operators: revamp the full customer lifecycle 

We help you step into the shoes of your subscribers while revamping the full customer lifecycle.

  • Adapt to your consumers’ expectations with a digitized day-to-day experience of use of the service
  • Surprise your customers by being the very relevant partner that understand them perfectly and anticipates all their needs thanks to historical data usage.

  • Expect significant NPS improvement, higher ARPU, steep increase in roaming revenues and higher cross-sale as you understand who may need what.

Don’t just take our word for it: contact your nearest sales representative and ask for a presentation and a joint business case exercise. You’ll be surprised to learn what great returns were achieved by our existing customers!

IoT Vendors

IoT vendors

A flexible platform to derive insights from all datasources 

You sell connected devices to your customers in various sectors such as logistics, transportation, automotive, supply chain, public safety, insurance?
Your clients are eager to blend data coming from their devices, from your network, and from their own information system (ERP, …).
Today, everyone provides a connectivity and device management layer. But we can provide much more: a flexible platform for your clients to derive business insights from all sources of data, and more importantly to initiate business processes based on those insights.


  • Inform their ERP when a container gets close to a warehouse.
  • Trigger a fraud process when the SIM card of an elevator is stolen and rides the highway
  • Certify location and temperature for the sake of supply chain compliance.
  • Extract abnormal data compared to historical behavioural data and inform the fleet manager.

All this is easy and simple with our intuitive click-and-trigger scenario editor. You will be able to charge more dollars every month in recurring services for each and every device you sold!

App developers

You are proud of your app but lack the platform to collect the data from your millions of users and derive useful insights?

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Easy-to-scale platform for app developers 

  • Create your own cloud-based use cases to make your app even smarter!
  • Fancy to set up a contest, a benchmark, or to aggregate data over a number of users
  • Develop services that require to take real-time actions based on insights coming from your app
  • Gym app? Have your users compare their results with others, and organize challenges across the board
  • Traffic app? We will provide you with cloud-based geofencing capabilities!

In all cases, we also provide you with analytics capabilities, enabling you to transform technical transactional data and location data points into valuable insights to increase your business.

Enterprise software

Banks and financial institutions, mine operators or energy producers, handle massive amounts of data they are looking for a comprehensive platform to collect, clean up, process their data, apply

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Comprehensive platform to initiate business processes 

algorithms, derive insights, initiate business processes.

  • Customer knowledge,
  • Inbound and outbound contextual marketing,
  • Fraud pattern detection,
  • Leveraging location data at a large scale,
  • Deriving business insights and make them available through GDPR-compliant APIs

are some of the topics that people have in mind when they reach out to us.

If the above make sense based on your own aspirations, please reach out to us and we’ll determine together whether our fast data platform is a good solution for your needs!