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Our solutions

Call it Big Data, Fast Data, Smart Data or any other fancy term. By the end of the day, what matters is how data can help improve your business. With that in mind, we provide you with the capabilities to stay ahead of the stream:

  • Real-time detection and fast execution - as time is of the essence when interacting with a customer or designing a smart service. Responsiveness in a digital and connected world is a natural, but often unfulfilled, expectation.
  • Strength in simplicity - To deliver its promises, Big Data applications must be accessible, usable and evolutionary in a reliable and secure way without clogging IT teams.
  • Legacy Booster - because the future builds on the foundation of the past. No organisation will ever walk away from years of investments and we bear that in mind when building our solutions.

Building technology for action

We build technology for better business. Since our inception we provide down to earth software that are use-case oriented and ROI-proven. Whatever your industry and the challenge you face, our solutions bring you three key capabilities to move your business forward:

  • Fast: It only takes milliseconds to make decisions based on terabytes of data, no matter where these data come from. Our exclusive technology combines NoSQL database efficiency with the convenience of relational database and embedded in-DB processing. You’re always prepared to take the right decision while your data is in motion.
  • Easy: Our turnkey solutions empower every business user to create, modify and automate their use cases in minutes. A single and intuitive interface enables you to stay agile and tackle new issues as they arise. No engineering degree required.
  • Open: Lots of companies could sell you a brand new system to integrate and analyze your data. But those are complicated, long, expensive projects. Don’t deploy a new system from scratch: our solutions build on your legacy platforms. Our full set of APIs will turboboost your back and front-offices.




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Data analytics

Rules and Query Engine

Historical records

In-memory processing

External sources: Hadoop and other legacy DB

Data collection




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Technical logs


External sources

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