Why Cell Broadcast?

Cell Broadcast is an interesting technology when dealing with Emergency Warning as Cell Broadcast messages are directly displayed on mobile-phone screens, whatever the compatible device or the origin-country. The text message is broadcasted from the Cell Broadcast Center (CBC) to all mobile devices in a defined area with a specific ringtone and display, for the message to instantly be recognized as an alert. Moreover, before being able to use his phone, the user needs to acknowledge the alert, giving the government organizations a feedback that the message was well conveyed.

Cell Broadcast Service is a powerful technology: one may reach millions of devices in a few seconds even if the operators’ networks are congested and in full GDPR compliance as the phone number of the subscriber is not needed to broadcast the message.

 The limitations of Cell Broadcast rely in:
- the maximum length of the text -1395 characters per message.
- the compatibility to CB of the device: in order to receive the alert, the users need to have a compatible device and the CB capability (in Europe: EU-Alert) enabled on their phone.

Invented 25 years ago, Cell Broadcast is a no brainer as it only takes seconds to message millions of people. 

Today, Cell Broadcast is not enough. Many countries also adopt Location Based SMS. Discover why.