Anshul Soni

Anshul S.

Integration Engineer

How long have you been in the company, what is your role?
I joined INTERSEC in Sept 2018 as Integration Engineer with the Professional Services department.

What does your job consist in?
I am responsible for installation, integration and deployment of Intersec solutions on different platforms.
Every Telco Provider have varied technical specification and the above tasks have to be managed in accordance with those changes.
Our solutions have to deal with different interfaces including SMSC, IN, DWH. The main focus is to adapt, customize and provide robust product to our client.

What do you like best about your job?
The diversity of our solutions and acceptance to new ideas. Resources are provided to learn and play with different technologies helping me improve my skill-set. Also the work environment is very encouraging. All my co-workers are very helpful and easily accessible.

What is your greatest challenge so far?
My greatest challenge so far has been to work for one of the customers on customization of product and provide deliverables in stringent time period.

5 words to describe your experience at Intersec:
Innovation, Diversified, Inspiring, Affability, Unconventional.