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IoT and Smart objects: Get your fair share of the pie!

The rise of IoT and Smart Objects is a chance for you to increase your revenue by optimizing your processes or helping your B2B customer optimize theirs.
You have a clear idea of which data to use, and what you wish to achieve yet you cannot foresee the volumes it will imply in the future.

We don’t have the answers to all your questions but we have the tools to help you experiment at very low risk!

Try again and again

We understand that the IoT is still a moving field. Our SaaS solutions gives you the possibility to try, fail, try something else and to further expand your investigative field to refine your ideas.

10 years 


creating state-of-the-art software able to collect and process massive amounts of data instantaneously.

Collect & visualize

  • Easily connect to various data sources
  • Achieve outstanding technical performance thanks to our in-DB processing
  • Correlate and visualize data mixing both real-time and historical datasets

Artificial Intelligence lets your data speak

  • Free data exploration and pattern discovery,
  • Predictive analytics through advanced modelization techniques,
  • Prescriptive analytics and Machine Learning.



You can use any algorithm (ours or your own) and customize your data workflow through our SDK


 Activate a scenario based on a chosen trigger (location, profile, usage…) and send an alert to your ERP or to your operational teams

Take action

Typical customer use cases: 

  • Asset management
  • Process optimization
  • Predictive maintenance
  • ...


Discover our white paper: Enriching IoT with Location for New Revenue Opportunities.iot loc data WP

The expansion of IoT applications across different industries opened a new door of opportunity for telecom operators; many of whom are deploying/upgrading their networks to accommodate the increase in demand for IoT use cases.   Learn More

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